Monday, July 9, 2012

Polka Dots and Plaid for Progress Entry Deadline Approaching!

Are you working on your Alzheimer's Art Quilt for the guild's exhibit? Opening night is just around the corner and deadlines are looming! Competition quilts need not be about Alzheimer's or any particular subject at all, but the quilts must contain at least one polka dot fabric and one plaid fabric. Any theme, style, color, technique and ability are welcome! You can find all the details and links to the registration forms on the guild’s website under the Exhibit tab. (

Finished quilts accompanied with a completed Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt Project registration form must be handed in to Susan Mc. before or on Monday, August 20, 2012. Registration forms can be found and printed at 

Things to remember from the AAQI:

1. What’s in a name? Plenty! “Hummingbird #47″ won’t sell as well as “Hang On, Little Bird.” It’s fine to make quilts in a series, but when you do, know that we can’t price them as high as “one-of-a-kinds”. PLEASE name them differently.

2. Why do I have to write an Artist Statement? Because they sell quilts. We hope our art speaks to the souls of all who behold them, but sometimes they need a little help. Words about why or how you made the quilt, or what you hope it will accomplish motivate shoppers to purchase your quilt. If you can’t think of 15 words that will reach out to a potential buyer, they will think you don’t care about your own work to make a comment about it. And they will reach out for another quilt. Artist statements make a huge difference!

(Need ideas for what to put in and artist statement?  Read some artist statements from the AAQI quilts sold by Michele Bilyeu or Julie Sefton)

3. We’re not kidding about the size limits. Honest. If your quilt is more than 9″ x 12″ we won’t accept it. ANYTHING out of the ordinary makes the jobs of our volunteers more difficult; why would we want to do that?!

4. We love what you do! It is such a joy to see the amazing talent coming our way in support of the AAQI’s mission. Your art takes my breath away, brings me to tears, makes me laugh, and continues to inspire me. I have held every single quilt you have made, all 11,000 plus of them. I still can’t believe that you would give so generously of your time and talent to help the cause. Every donor, every buyer is a blessing! Please know how much you are appreciated! Together we are making a difference!

Learn more about the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative at

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