Monday, September 2, 2013

Open Sewing at the Lake House and Happy Hour Sewing in Corning -- Wednesday, Sep 4th

MLQG members gather for open sewing sessions at the lake house (near Hills Creek Lake) on Wednesdays from 10:00 until 3:00. All guild members of all ability levels and interests are welcome to attend on any Wednesday and may work on any stitching projects that they like, hand or machine, even knitting/crocheting/embroidery. The only exception is the fourth Wednesday, which will continue to be a charity sewing day.

Once in a while, there may be discussion topics on some Wednesdays (modern quilting, applique, etc), but those attending are not obligated to work on quilts that are related to the topic. The purpose of these get-togethers is to spend time with other fiber fanatics and to learn from each other, no matter what we're all working on. Bring your projects, machine, and lunch. Stay for an hour or stay all day.

The next open sewing session will be on Wednesday, September 4th. If you need directions to the lake house or want more info, please contact Anya T., Dori S., or Susan McC. (check your roster for contact info or comment on this blog post).

And if you can't come during the day to the lake house, consider going to Happy Hour Sewing in Corning --

Bring whatever you’d like to work on – cutting, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch or your knitting! An iron & ironing board are available at the church hall. We like food if you want to bring some or we can order out. Time is from 5:15 – 8:45 pm on Sep 4th at the Emanuel Lutheran Church, West William St. Corning, NY. Contact Carrie S. (check your roster for contact info) for more details.

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