Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reminder About Blocks for Guild Banner

Guild Banner Blocks -- Deadline Extended to September 15

 (Here's the info in case you missed it earlier) --

MLQG will soon celebrate its 16th birthday, so it's time we had an identifying banner to display at various public events. Several guild members have volunteered to help put one together, but we really want to involve as many MLQG members as possible.

Since our guild consists of members who quilt in a variety of styles, we want our guild banner to represent our quilting diversity. We're asking you to be a part of this project by making a 6 1/2-inch block (unfinished size), using your own colors, your own fabrics, etc. Make a block that represents you. Use any pattern or technique you like. No rules except for the size -- 6 1/2-inch unfinished (please be sure to measure the block before you send it off).

Please do not sign your individual block on the front. If you would like to include your signature, please do so ONLY within the quarter-inch seam allowance on the BACK of the block. The reason for doing this is because a hundred years from now, someone may want to take this quilt apart for one reason or another -- what a surprise it would be for them to see who helped make it in 2014.

The deadline has been extended until the September 15th guild meeting. Blocks can be given to Anya T. at the meeting.

Thank you to all who have already contributed a block and/or signed up to help with the various tasks involved in the completion of the banner.

If you have any questions, contact Anya (check your roster or newsletter for contact info or comment on this blog post).

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