Friday, June 19, 2015

Mystery Quilt Submission Form


Name: _________________________________________________

Quilt Title:  _____________________________________________

Quilter:  _______________________________________________

If for sale (Deanne Center takes 15%) Price:  ________________

Please share what you enjoyed most about participating in this
MLQG Challenge.

Remember to put a label on you quilt.

The 3” sleeve should be a split sleeve and should include a wooden rod.

Quilts will be displayed at the Deanne Center from September 6 till September 21.

____I have a quilt stand that I will allow to be used to display quilts.

Name ___________________________ grant permission for my 2015 Mystery Quilt to be included in the display at the Deanne Center in Wellsboro, PA.  There is not restriction on photography of this quilt by individuals for their own enjoyment.

Name __________________________  I understand that it is my responsibility to insure my quilt with my own insurance agent for off home site coverage.

Signature of displayer:  _________________________________
Date:  ___________________

Display form is due August 17, 2015 to Deborah Dom: 
53 Hemlock Circle  -  Wellsboro, PA  16901 (or at August Picnic)

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