Monday Open Sewing in Wellsboro

Gmeiner Open Sewing dates -- Every First Monday

Open sewing sessions for MLQG members are held every first Monday of the month from 10:00AM until 2:00PM in the back room of the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center on Main Street in Wellsboro, PA. All guild members of all ability levels and interests are welcome to attend on these Mondays and work on any stitching projects, hand or machine, even knitting/crocheting/embroidery.

The purpose of these get-togethers is to spend time with other MLQG fiber fanatics and to learn from each other, no matter what we're all working on. Bring your projects, machine, and lunch. Stay for an hour or stay all day. Just be warned that if only a couple of people show up, we may pack up early and leave before noon. For more info, contact Anya T., Susan McC., or Peggi Y. (check your roster for contact info). Cancellations will be posted on the guild's blog and Facebook page.

Tuesday Happy Hour Sewing in Corning

NOTE -- Due to a change in schedules and availability, the Tuesday Happy Hour Sewing in Corning will not continue in 2019. We want to thank all MLQG members who participated with us for our evening gatherings in Corning.

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