Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Info on Red and White Quilts

For those who may be interested in more information about the Infinite Variety red and white quilt exhibit that was talked about at the February guild meeting, here are some helpful links.

A free pattern for the vortex quilt can be found on this blog. There are three parts to the instructions, so scroll down the blog to part one and then read up.

Here's the link to the American Folk Art Museum page about the exhibit.

Here's the link for the free app for Android devices.

Here's the link for the free app for Apple devices.

Here's the link for the video on the exhibit installation.

Here's the link to the blog that discussed the creation of the red and white Dear Jane quilt presented to Joanna Rose by her niece and other quilters.

If you do a Google search on "Infinite Variety Quilt Exhibit", you can spend hours looking at all the photos that have been posted all over the internet.

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