Check this page frequently for updates on upcoming guild-sponsored workshops, retreats, and trips.  IMPORTANT:  Please review the full reservation/cancellation policy statement at the very bottom of this page, below any posts about upcoming events. 


If you've never been to a Guild retreat, you are missing one of the joys of being in a guild. The variety of experiences at a retreat is amazing! You can get 10 opinions about your block layout, a private consultation about paper piecing or appliqué, be cheered for finishing a project, go shopping, sew until 2 AM or start at 6 AM, never have to cook or clean, and really get to know 30 of your sister quilters. Try it. You'll like it!

Spring Retreat
Watson Homestead, Painted Post, NY

Spring Retreat is held at the Watson Homestead Conference and Retreat Center.   The Watson Homestead accommodations and food are top notch, and the sewing area in the main lodge lower level is large and well lit. The motel-style rooms have two double beds and a private bath, and are adjacent to the dining room and sewing area.  A relaxing setting for spending a few days stitching with friends old and new!

Here's the info for the 2020 spring retreat at Watson Homestead

It is time to start planning for Spring Retreat. Our weekend is March 13-15, 2020 with the option of Thursday, March 12th for an extra $35.00. Please put the dates on your calendar and plan to attend.

March is a great time to take a weekend to sew with guild friends. Watson Homestead has a great space for doing that. If you are planning to attend, send a $25.00 check to Spring Retreat Chair Betty M. (her contact info can be found on the guild's roster and in the newsletters). Please state your roommate and what room you would like.

Room rates vary in the West wing -$257.00  single, $189.00 double, $147.00 triple and $133.00 for four in the room. The North wing without a bathroom is $123.00 and with a bathroom is $153.00. Looking forward to a great retreat. Contact Betty M. if you have any questions.

Fall Retreat is held in September at the Linck Hill Inn, Nauvoo, PA.  Linck Hill Inn is a beautifully restored nineteenth century mansion and offers guests beautiful accommodations accented by turn-of-the-century antique furnishings. The Linck Hill Inn has an excellent sewing room, elegant dining rooms, sitting rooms, a game room, snack area, and numerous sitting and conversation areas. The perfect country setting to spend a few days leisurely stitching with your friends.


Check back for updates on upcoming workshops in 2020.

Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Class
 and Trip Reservation Policy

Purpose: This policy is intended to clarify the rights and responsibilities of members who reserve a place in a Guild sponsored class, retreat, or trip for which there is a fee. Such fees are based on the cost to the Guild for the event and are contingent on the number of participants.

For instance, a class fee would be computed by dividing the teacher’s fee by the maximum number of participants. A retreat fee would be based on sleeping accommodations requested in the contract with the host site. A bus trip fee might be $40 each for 40 participants but go to $50 each with only 25 participants. In each case, the Guild must cover the full cost with the fees paid by participating members rather than out of the general fund. Event planners are encouraged to set fees at a level that slightly exceeds costs in order to cover unforeseen issues.

Procedural steps:
  1.   When a trip or class with a fee is announced to the membership, members are invited to reserve a place for this event. This is done by signing a list passed at a meeting, filling out a registration form, or calling the appropriate event chair. A wait list is also started when the event list is filled.
  2.   The fee required for the event is noted at the registration time. Time frame for payment of required fees is stated at this time. This will include a deposit of 50% of the total cost. Final payment will be due at least one week before the event. Some events may require full payment as much as one month ahead. Fees may be scheduled to be paid in segments with separate due dates.
  3.   It is each member’s responsibility to pay the required fee by the stated date. If a member does not pay the required fee by the stated time, she will be notified by the event chair, her participation in the event will be cancelled, and her name removed from the list.
  4.   If a member cancels prior to the final payment date, any deposit paid for the event may be returned to the member. The next person on the wait list is then invited to participate and must pay for the event prior to the final payment date.
  5.   If a member needs to cancel her participation after the final payment date, she must contact the event chair. If a person can be found to take her place and the new person’s fee is received, the event chair may authorize the treasurer to refund the cancelling member’s paid fees. If there is no waiting list for the event, or if no one can be located to fill the available slot, the member’s fees will not be refunded. At this time the Guild has committed Guild funds to support the event at the participation level planned. To refund fees after the final due date would cause the whole Guild membership to pay for a member whose plans changed.
  6.   In the event that this policy causes a hardship to the member whose fees are not returned, the member may appeal the decision, in writing, to the Guild Board of Directors which will consider the matter at its next meeting. The decision of the Board will be final.

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