Sunday, October 3, 2021

September 2021 Monthly Meeting

Before the write-up for this month's meeting, I have an

We will meet at the Gmeiner in October and November!!!!!

The Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild held it's monthly meeting for September 2021 on Monday the 21st.

President Sylvia began our meeting with discussion of the open positions of leadership for the Guild. Watch for the upcoming newsletter and nominations for those positions. It was also suggested that we might like to change the time of our meetings. Should we meet in the daytime? Maybe we should meet in the evenings in Even months and in the daytime in odd months. Please let an officer know your opinion on this. If you have any suggestions for ways to attract new members, please let us know. 

Jan offered the treasurer's report. Our finances are in order and our paperwork to remain a non-profit and a guild have been properly submitted. One of the payments she made was disputed, but she was able to prove it was paid. If you spend any money on behalf of the Guild, please be sure to provide the treasurer with documentation!

During our Tips and Tricks session, two tips were offered:

  • You can use a section of a straw to cover the end of your seam ripper if you lose the cover that comes with it.
  • When you need to rip out a seam, it is sometimes better to pull the threads with your stiletto
    Then to use a seam ripper to cut them.

If you have one of the quilts we designed during our orphan block night, please bring it to the October meeting. If you need help to get it quilted in time, please ask for help. If you can help identify the group you are in, it would be helpful. For some reason (we were having too much fun!) no one made note of who was in each group.

 Show and Tell!!


Janice shared this beauty with us. She started it in 2016 and was rightly proud to have it completed now.

Grace showed us this adorable lamb quilt

Barb brought Bumble Bags! She simplified the construction method.

Barb's Pillow

Barb with her wall hanging

A lovely wall hanging by Barb

Nice table runners

Another table mat

Linda showed us this great log cabin quilt

Close up of the log cabin

Marsha shared this Christmas tree wall hanging made from a jelly roll.

She had so many strips left that she made many more projects with the same pattern.

She also made a "Dawn bag"

Nancy showed us the many stocking she made from Christmas fabric for a charity in Mansfield.


Sylvia made this quilt of patches her customer had collected in her travels to national parks.

The quilting is very personalized and matches the theme of the patches.

Sylvia also completed this Spice Market quilt

Now it was time for our program. We were excited to have Betty Neff ( from Canton share some of her quilts with us and talk about the process she uses with groups to create them. She advised us to sign our quilts on the front as they are works of art. She also urged us to use our creativity with our quilts to "be a voice, not an echo."

See you next month at the Gmeiner!!!!