Wednesday, February 22, 2023

February Show & Tell

Just a sampling of some of the beautiful quilts and projects made by the members of the MLQG...


February Meeting

The February meeting of the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild was held Monday, February 20th, and featured a lecture and trunk show by Marnae Gigee Fee of Country Farm House Quilting. 

A video of the afternoon's program can be viewed at Marnae Gigee Fee's YouTube channel...

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Quilt Blocks For Veteran Quilts


For those who would like to just make blocks for the veteran quilts, simply sew rail fence blocks!  Using 2 1/2" strips, sew a red strip to a "white" (white, cream, or white background with RWB print are all acceptable) strip. Sew a blue strip to the other side of the white strip (keep the white in the center). Cut blocks to 6 1/2".

Contact Susan McC. with questions or for more information.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Quilts For Veterans


From Susan McC.

After a discussion during the January guild meeting, members agreed to join UPMC Hospice along with the VA to honor hospice patients who served in the military with a patriotic quilt.  In the few short weeks since the guild entered into this partnership I have had the honor of presenting quilts to five veterans including a WWll veteran and others who served in Korea and Veitnam.  After many years of acting as Outreach Chairperson for the guild this is the first time I have presented quilts to the actual recipients rather than a social worker or other charity worker.  I've listened to their war stories and seen the tears of appreciation as this ceremony takes place. There is no doubt in my mind that this project is well worth our time and effort to make sure that every veteran entering into hospice care receives a quilt.  It's going to take a team of quilters to make it happen but I know we can do it!

How can you help?

Make a patriotic quilt!
Throw sized is best, 40ish x 50ish.  The Quick Strippie quilt pattern works well for patriotic quilts or use your favorite pattern.

Make quilt blocks!
Can't make a whole quilt?  Just make a few patriotic blocks and others can put them together into a quilt.

Donate fabric!
We need yardage of red, white, blue, and patriotic fabrics.  Please avoid fabrics with metallics or glitter.

Help Sew!
Charity Sew Day on February 22 at Scheetz Sew Creative will be devoted to Quilts for Veterans.  We will be sewing from 10:30-3:00.  Bring your own rotary cutter, scissors, seam ripper, pins, etc.  Sewing machines and ironing stations are provided.  Bring your own lunch or have your lunch delivered from Fox's.

Questions, ideas, or need more information?  Contact Erin S. or  Susan McC., Outreach Team

Sunday, February 5, 2023

"Small Projects" Mini-Retreat

"Small Projects" Mini-Retreat

WHAT?                Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Mini-Retreat!

WHEN?                March 13, 2023 (Monday)

WHERE?              The Yoked Churches of Knoxville, Alba Street, Knoxville, PA

TIME?                  9:00 a.m.  –  3:00 p.m.  (Doors open at 8:30 a.m. to set up.)

PROJECT?          We will learn how to make a Sewing Caddy, a Cozy (microwave bowl) and                                          Bibs!                                                             

                              Demonstrations with Bonnie Huzey, Grace Schauer and Mary Rose Sacks!

COST?                  $15.00 

                              Lunch will be provided from Payne’s Coffee Shop. 

                              Ham, Turkey and Italian hoagies will be offered for lunch!  Bottled water                                          included.

                              Feel free to bring snacks to share if you would like.

MATERIALS?       Sewing Caddy - You will need 3 coordinating fabrics.  

                               Please cut beforehand.  6” x 40”,  6” x 11”,  7” x 9”.

                               Bowl Cozy - You will need 2 - 10” squares of fabrics (same or coordinating). 

                               Also, 2 - 9 ½ squares of regular cotton batting.     


                               Bib – one terrycloth hand towel.  


                               Bring your sewing machine and walking foot, a pressing mat/small iron, an                                       extension cord and any personal sewing belongings needed to sew… including                                a pencil, a cutting mat and ruler (6” x 14” or bigger), a rotary cutter and fine                                       pointy scissors, a light, *a seat cushion or pillow to sit on* and anything     

                               else you think you might need!


Enjoy a day of SEWING with guild members AND learn how to make a few “SMALL PROJECTS”, too!

Also, LUNCH and DOOR PRIZES to round out our day!  We always have a lot of FUN when we get together with friends who “LOVE TO SEW”!  These projects are quick and easy to make, so bring “extra” fabric/materials, etc.,  if you think you would like to make more than one!  There may be “extra” free time to sew in the afternoon, so bring another project of your own to work on til 3!  

We will also have a table set up for “FREE” stuff!  If you have quilting/sewing books/supplies/fabrics, etc., that you would like to offer up for free, please bring them to the mini-retreat!

Sign-ups begin today and payment ($15.00) is due to reserve your place.  You can contact me at  to sign up for the “SMALL PROJECTS” Mini-Retreat.  Full refunds for cancellations until March 8th.  After that, if there is no wait list, you are responsible for someone to take your place or forfeit your payment.  Please make checks out to MLQG.  There is space for 20 participants!  (We need 10 people to have the workshop.)  If space is available, this workshop will be open to “non-members” on February 28, 2023 and the cost for “non-members” is $20.00 due by March 8th.  We always welcome new people to join us!

Looking forward to having our 1st MLQG Mini-Retreat in 2023!

Thank you!

Janice Hess

MLQG Local Workshop Chairperson


Bowl Cozy

Sewing Caddy