Sunday, August 23, 2020

New MLQG Outreach Project

Let’s work together to help brighten the holiday meals for our local Meal on Wheels recipients by making quilted placemats! Placemats are quick and easy to make, only take scraps to make, are great for practicing your free-motion quilting skills, and they mean more to those who receive them than you will ever know! Use your favorite placemat pattern and the fabric of your choosing! Search “free quilted placemat patterns”on Google or Pinterest and prepare to be inspired! Break out of your box and try something new!

Placemats will be collected from now until December 14, 2020. Contact Susan Mc., Outreach Chair, for more information. Her contact info can be found in the guild newsletter and on the guild roster.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

MLQG August 17, 2020 Meeting

The Masonic Lodge of Tioga, PA has offered to let us use their lodge hall free of charge for the August and September meetings. The lodge hall is big enough to hold 50-60 people and we can still have social distancing. It is located at 9 Meadow Street, Tioga, PA. Please plan on attending the August 17th meeting and bringing your projects. The only program will be our show-an-tell opportunity so bring yours and tell us all about it!

The meeting starts at 7:00 PM.