Saturday, November 21, 2020

Meeting Updates

 I hope you are all well and can't wait to see the wonderful things you make as we hunker down to hide from another round of this nasty virus. COVID-19 is having an impact on our community and our Guild activities.

Unfortunately there was a mix up as to the date of the November meeting. The meeting was actually held November 16 and there will be no meeting on November 23. 
In other updates there will be no meeting in December and the Christmas party has been cancelled due to  COVID-19. 
Our next meeting will be held at the Masonic Lodge in Tioga on our regular meeting date, the third Monday of the month, January 18th, 2021. Let's hope we can meet and enjoy our passion for fabric, thread, and friends.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Show and Tell from the October 2020 Meeting

 As usual, a stunning display of quilted items were shared on Monday evening. Before I show them to you, I want to share pictures of the beautiful door prize that was donated to us. It is from an online shop called Blushed Creations that is based in Wellsboro. You can see their items and support a local business at Etsy, Instagram, and Facebook. Many thanks to them for the donation. It is a wooden plaque with a star design on it. You will see then in many colors by following the Facebook link.

First Joyce showed us some of the placemats that she created using fabrics that she purchased in Alaska. They were all lovely.

Nancy had also made some placemats. The colors on them were so rich. She talked to us about a technique of folding an assembly of strips that put the squares on point for the final product. I hope she will share the pattern name or link with us.

Brenda contributed some placemats as well. We all really like the table runner she had made which we felt were pretty on both sides.

Jan was up next and showed us some striking alter cloths that she made for Pentecost. They are breathtaking.

Jolene treated us to a wonderful quilt made with a jelly roll. I was amazed by how pretty it is.

Betty added to the placemat collection and showed us two quilts. The first was made from fruit and vegetable print fabric that she has been collecting. He daughter challenged her to think outside the box so she made a "Stars, Not Jars" quilt with them. It is backed with a print of berries. I wonder if sleeping under it would make you want a midnight snack. Hmm? The second quilt she brought was another that was based on a jelly roll. The creativity is amazing. She told us the pattern maker was a local woman.

Gretta Maria rounded out the placemat donations with these lovely, quilt-as-you-go pieces.

I wrapped things up by showing several tops and partially tied quilts that were found in my grandmother's attic. We don't know who the maker was. I am going to have to do more research.

There may be a meeting next month on the 14th to introduce the new officers. Please let me know of any changes that need to be made to this blog. I am honored to be doing it. You can reach me by email at

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

We have a winner!

 The members of the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild are so appreciative to everyone who supported this year's quilt raffle. 

We are excited to announce that Joy C. is the winner!


Ellen presenting the quilt to Joy

Mr. Lovejoy representing the Tioga Masonic Lodge drew the lucky ticket.

A close up view of the lovely quilt.

Stay tuned to this blog for exciting news about our next raffle quilt. 😀

Sunday, October 11, 2020

MLQG October 2020 Meeting

 This month's MLQG meeting will be held on Monday, October 19th at 7:00 PM at the Masonic Lodge located at 9 Meadow Street in Tioga, PA.

The drawing for our 2020 raffle quilt will be held that evening, so be sure to bring in all money, sold ticket stubs, and unsold tickets.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

MLQG 2020 Fall Retreat Photos

 A group of MLQG members spent some time in late September at a fun retreat at Linck Hill Inn in Nauvoo, PA. Take a look at some of the activities...

(click on photos for a larger view)

Friday, September 18, 2020

MLQG Positions Open for 2021

 It’s that time of year again and the nominating committee is looking for a few good people to fill some very important positions within the guild.

Positions that are open are:
Vice President – The role of the Vice President is to assist and work with the President to ensure there is leadership at every meeting and to Chair the Program Committee.
Outreach – The Outreach Chairperson leads Guild activities of a charitable nature. She is the liaison between the Guild and any recipient organization and encourages members to participate in the outreach efforts.
BLOG - The blog guru’s role is to ensure that important information about guild activities is made publicly available on the guild’s blog in a timely manner.
Historian: The historian records the life of the Guild through photographs and words. This is a simple, but important position that logs the history of the guild.
Contact Sylvia L., MLQG President, if you are interested in any of the above offices or chairs. Her contact info can be found in MLQG newsletters and roster.

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Important Info on Location for September MLQG Meeting

 Important notice -- The September 21st MLQG meeting will be held at the Masonic Lodge located at 9 Meadow Street in Tioga, PA, NOT at guild president Sylvia L.'s house as mentioned in the minutes that were published in the first September newsletter. The meeting will start at 7:00 PM. Please pass the info on to members who may not have access to the internet.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

New MLQG Outreach Project

Let’s work together to help brighten the holiday meals for our local Meal on Wheels recipients by making quilted placemats! Placemats are quick and easy to make, only take scraps to make, are great for practicing your free-motion quilting skills, and they mean more to those who receive them than you will ever know! Use your favorite placemat pattern and the fabric of your choosing! Search “free quilted placemat patterns”on Google or Pinterest and prepare to be inspired! Break out of your box and try something new!

Placemats will be collected from now until December 14, 2020. Contact Susan Mc., Outreach Chair, for more information. Her contact info can be found in the guild newsletter and on the guild roster.

Thursday, August 13, 2020

MLQG August 17, 2020 Meeting

The Masonic Lodge of Tioga, PA has offered to let us use their lodge hall free of charge for the August and September meetings. The lodge hall is big enough to hold 50-60 people and we can still have social distancing. It is located at 9 Meadow Street, Tioga, PA. Please plan on attending the August 17th meeting and bringing your projects. The only program will be our show-an-tell opportunity so bring yours and tell us all about it!

The meeting starts at 7:00 PM.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

MLQG Raffle Quilt Info

Although the 2020 MLQG Exhibit has been rescheduled for September 2021, the 2020 raffle quilt drawing will still be held on October 19, 2020.

MLQG members are encouraged to continue selling tickets.

Photos and details about the raffle quilt and tickets can be found by clicking here.

Remember, proceeds from the raffle ticket sales help pay for various MLQG programs and activities!

Monday, July 13, 2020

MLQG July 2020 Meeting/Picnic

MLQG monthly meetings will be held in Sylvia L.'s side yard until the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center opens or another place is identified. Meetings will follow the regular format, including show and tell.

The next meeting will be held on July 20th at 6:00 PM for the annual picnic. Members are asked to bring their own meal, chair, and mask. Drinks will be provided.

Contact Sylvia L. for directions to her house. Her contact info can be found in the guild newsletter and roster. If you don't have those, just comment on this post, and we'll make sure it gets to Sylvia.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

More About MLQG 2020 Fall Retreat

At this point, retreat chair Vonda R. is just interested in finding out if MLQG members are interested in the fall retreat. Interested members should contact her by July 30. DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY YET. 

Vonda's contact info can be found in the guild's newsletter and the roster. If you do not have a newsletter or roster, comment on this post with your contact info and we'll pass it on to Vonda.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

MLQG Fall 2020 Retreat

Fall retreat plans have begun. Plans will continue if we have enough interest to hold the retreat this year.

The dates for Linck Hill are Sept. 28 until Oct. 1. The prices are $247/single; $217/double. We have to have at least 14 to book. The set-up will be a bit different as some sewing may be in the rec room downstairs or in the entry upstairs.

The dates for Three Springs Ministry (on the hill) are Oct.1 – 4. The prices are $218/single; $208/multiple. Again, we have to have at least 14 to book, and we will have the same food that is served at Linck Hill.

If you are seriously planning on attending this year, please call Vonda R.  Please give a date and place you would like to attend. Also if you would like a single or more in a room. We will see how this works out. 

Let me know before July 30 what you are thinking. I will make the decisions and call Three Springs on the 31st as paperwork will begin on August 1 if we have enough interest.  

Questions, call me as I do not check texts or messages often. 

Sew Excited,
(contact info can be found on your copy of the guild's newsletter and roster)

Saturday, June 27, 2020

More Info on July 2nd MLQG Board Meeting

The MLQG Board will be meeting on July 2 at 10AM at Sylvia Loveland's house. Please bring your mask, a lawn chair and remember to follow the CDC guidelines. This meeting is open to the entire membership if you would like to attend.

The Agenda is as follows:
Regular meetings- what to do about them since the Gmeiner will not be opening until after September at the earliest.
Raffle Quilt
Nominations for open positions
Fall Retreat
August Picnic

All are welcome, please feel free to attend. 

Thursday, June 25, 2020

MLQG Board Meeting -- Thursday, July 2

There is an important board meeting scheduled for July 2 at 10AM. The meeting will be held at Sylvia L’s house, outside with proper social distancing. Topics to be discussed are all in relationship to COVID-19 restrictions and how we should handle upcoming guild events and activities (regular meetings, 2020 exhibit, quilt raffle, retreat, etc.). All officers, committee chairs, and interested members are encouraged to attend. Contact Sylvia L. for directions to her home. If you are unable to attend you may email questions, comments, or concerns to be addressed at the meeting to Sylvia L. Her contact info can be found in the guild newsletter and roster.

Saturday, June 20, 2020

County Fair Update for MLQG Members

Many MLQG members enter their quilts in the annual Tioga County PA Fair, but unfortunately, the fair has been scaled down for 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions and will only be hosting animal shows and a livestock sale.

Save those quilts for next year! And keep working on more!

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Update From MLQG President Sylvia L.

I am a homebody, my husband is a social butterfly but I am missing my entire quilting family. BIG TIME!!

They say the absence makes the heart grow fonder and my heart has grown fonder of many different people and things that I have been missing.  I am excited to get back to the business of the Guild and the friendship and camaraderie that I have been missing.

Perhaps this month we will be having a meeting, but as of 6/3 there has been no decision.  I am still confused about the actual parameters around meetings and the Gmeiner has not received their guidelines, so for now they are still closed.

We will continue to prepare for the next time we are together, until then be safe and God Bless. Sylvia

Friday, June 5, 2020

MLQG Outreach Update

COVID-19 Face Masks - Give yourselves a great big pat on the back if you made one or more face masks during this pandemic!  You all did an amazing job making sure that everyone who needed a mask, had a mask!  Thankfully, it seems as though the need is subsiding and I'm sure I'm not the only one who won't be disappointed if I never have to make another face mask again!

Bumble Bags - I have been in contact with Michele Griffin of the Humble Bumble Project and she tells me that COVID-19 still has the Bumble Bag project on hold. Once the hospitals and Hope Lodge locations are allowed to open back up 100% the project will continue.

Asa's Place - I have also been in contact with Robin Adams of Asa's Place.  She tells me she doesn't foresee needing to make any changes in how we handle quilt donations due to COVID-19.  Robin reported they still have a good supply of quilts. 

MLQG's Quilt Closet - In the guild's quilt closet I have a good supply of children's quilts ready for donation to any child in need of a quilt.  If you know of a need please contact me!  I recently gave our last adult quilt to a hospice patient so we could really use a few adult-themed throw sized quilts to have on hand.

Stone Soup Quilt Kits - If you would like a Stone Soup Quilt Kit please contact me and I will see that you get one!

Thanks to all of you who support the guild's outreach projects!  You all truly make a difference in our community with every stitch!

Susan McC 
Outreach Chairperson

Friday, May 1, 2020

MLQG Virtual Raffle Ticket Sales

Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild members spent many hours last year creating a quilt to be raffled off throughout 2020 and the Guild’s Exhibit scheduled for September. The drawing is scheduled for October.

With the lockdown, the guild has not been able to meet, and we have not been able to get the quilt to various events to sell tickets. The proceeds from the raffle usually cover many of our program expenses for the next year. 

We are hoping to sell some tickets virtually. If you are interested in tickets, which are $1 each, or 6 for $5, please use the "contact us" form on the right side of this blog (be sure to include your email address), and we will email you the snail-mail address for tickets. You can send a check made out to Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild, and we will fill out your tickets and get them in the drawing. We will keep your stubs, or if you want them, you can send a stamped envelope with ticket money and we will send them to you. If you are the winner, and you are not local, we will happily mail the quilt to you. Good luck!