Tuesday, November 15, 2022

2022 Quilt Guild Exhibit - Wall Hangings - Photo Group 6 of 7

Viewer's Choice Awards in Wall Hanging

First Place - Bookcase by Natalie DeLeonardis, quilted by Kathy Neff

Second Place – Butterfly Whisperer by Kathy Plumley

Third Place– Winter Wonderland by Sylvia Loveland 

Honorable Mention – New York Beauty by Marjory Harris


"Tess's Temecula Tree" by Tess M.

"Winter Wonderland" by Sylvia L.

"Diversity in the Pumpkin Patch" by Pat L.

"Bookcase" by Natalie D.

"New York Beauty" by Marjory H.

"That's Ms. Witch" by Lynn G.

"Butterfly Whisperer" by Kathy P.

"See Me" by Kate M.

"Faye" by Kate M.

"Ohio Variable Star" by Joyce K.

"My Covid Maine" by Joyce K.

"Spring at Last" by Jan P.

"Mexican Star" by Deborah D.

"The Hibiscus" by Debbie P.

"Sew Happy" by Dawn P.

"Snowman Rejoice" by Carol B.

"House to Home" by Brenda E.

2022 Quilt Guild Exhibit - Miniature and Miscellaneous - Photo Group 5 of 7

Viewer's Choice Awards Miniature, Miscellaneous

First Place – Star Penny Mat by Leona Robson

Second Place – Our Heritage by Jeanne Corbin

Third Place–Crazy Eight Strip Teaser by Carol Barvinski

Honorable Mention–Diamond Log Cabin by Deborah Dom

"Tess' Twinkle Trees Tree Skirt" by Tess M.

"Drunkard's Path Table Runner" by Peggy. Y.

"Star Penny Mat" by Leona R.

"Fall Table Runner" by Joyce W.

"Our Heritage" by Jean C.

"Reykjavik Awaits" by Donna P.

"Diamond Log Cabin" by Deborah D.

Quilted Tote "Summer Breeze" by Dawn P.

"Crazy Eight Strip Teaser" by Carol B.

Saturday, November 12, 2022

2022 Quilt Guild Exhibit - Small Quilts - Photo Group 4 of 7

Viewer's Choice 2022 Small Quilt

 First Place–Knott Barns by Kathy P.

 Second Place – Whitewater by Donna P.

 Third Place–(tie)Sunflower Illusions by Pat L. 

Tess’s School Girl Sampler by Tess M. 

 Honorable Mention - Witches Night Out by Carol B.

"Underground Railroad" by Vonda R.

"Pineapple Mountains" by Sylvia L.

"It's Not All Black and White" by Peggy Y.

"Sunflower Illusions" by Pat L.

"Muncy Compass" by Pat. L

"Stella's First Quilt" by Maureen S.

"Grapevine" by Kim C.

"Knott Barns" by Kathy P.

"Tumbling On" by Kamryn C.

"French Lace in Blue" by Joyce K.

"Fairy Garden" by Jan P.

"Schoolgirl Sampler" by Tess M.

"Whitewater" by Donna P.

"12 Days of Quilting" by Deborah D.

"Missing Piece" by Deborah D.

"Cut the Mustard" by Dawn P.

"Witches' Night Out" by Carol B.

"Staying Sane" by Anya T.

"Staying Sane #2" by Anya T.

"Pretty in Pink" by Anya T.

"I Spy With My Little Eye" by Anya T.

"Positive and Negative" by Anya T.

2022 Quilt Guild Exhibit - Large Hand Quilted - Photo Group 3 of 7

 What an amazing array in this group. Such wonderful work.

Viewer's Choice Awards 2022

Large Quilt, Quilted by Hand 

First Place - Bountiful Baskets by Leona R.

Second Place - Cathedral Window by Donna M.

Third Place - Cheaper Than a Lawyer by Kathy B.

Honorable Mention – Knights of the Brown Table by Kim C.


"Bountiful Baskets" by Leona R.

"Knight's of the Brown Table" by Kim C.

"Cheaper Than a Lawyer" by Kathy B.

"Cottage Romance" by Joyce W.

"Cathedral Windows" by Donna M.