Sunday, May 29, 2016

Guild Exhibit Information Posting


Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild will host its 9th quilt exhibit from Sept. 3 to Sept 25, 2016 at the Gmeiner Art & Cultural Center. Opening reception is Friday, September 2, 2016 from 7 to 9 pm. All members are encouraged to share their completed works to make this a memorable event.
You may enter as many quilts as you wish, but space at the Center’s gallery will determine how many of your entries will be hung. Viewers’ Choice Ribbons will be awarded for first, second, and third in each category. Therefore, we are asking you to indicate on your entry form which quilt is your first choice for display.
1. Entrants must be current MLQG members as of the March 21, 2016 meeting.
2. Entry must be exclusively the member’s own work except for professional machine or hand quilting or the use of antique, signature, or friendship blocks.
3. Entry must have been completed after 2012, and cannot have hung in a previous Gmeiner exhibit. It must be clean and in good condition.
4. Each entry must be a “quilt” (three layers either hand or machine quilted or tied). Commercially quilted fabrics may not be used in the construction of the quilt.
5. Each entry must have a 4" sleeve casing sewn to the top back of the quilt (exception: clothing or small miscellaneous items).
6. Each entry must have a label with the name of the quilt and name of the entrant securely attached to the back of the quilt.
7. Members entering the Guild Exhibit for the first time, who have been quilting less than 2 years, will receive a novice entry ribbon.
8. Entry forms (see below) must be completed and sent to: Peggi Yacovissi- MLQG Registrar, 13 Queen Street, Wellsboro, PA 16901 by
July 31, 2016.
9. Members wishing to offer their quilts for sale should indicate the asking price on the registration form. The Gmeiner will take 15% of the sale prices of those quilts sold.
10. Quilts must be delivered to the Gmeiner between 4 and 6 PM on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016. You will receive a receipt for your quilts when you deliver them.
11. Quilts are to be picked up at the Gmeiner on Sunday, September 25 between 5 PM. and 6 PM. Bring your receipts with you! No quilts will be released before 5 PM.
12. For more information contact Chris Cooper or Peggi Yacovissi.

Entry Form:

All blanks must be filled in! Item # _____ of _______
Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild Exhibit 2016 Entry Form
Entry deadline: July 31, 2016
A separate entry form must be completed for each piece entered. Make copies of this form. Send entry forms to Peggi Yacovissi - MLQG, 13 Queen St., Wellsboro, PA 16901
Name: _________________________________________ Phone: _________________________
E-mail: _______________________________________________
Title of Entry: ______________________________________________ Insurance Value: $__________
Width in inches ___________ Length in inches _____________ Date Completed _____________
Is this quilt for sale? Yes / No If yes... asking price? $_________
Is this your first choice for hanging in the Gmeiner? Circle: Yes / No
Viewers’ Choice prizes will be awarded in the following categories. Check the one category that best applies to this entry:
___1. Large quilt: more than 270” around, intended for a bed, Machine quilted
___2. Large quilt: more than 270” around, intended for a bed, Hand quilted
___3. Small quilt: less than 270” around, includes throws, lap and baby quilts
___4. Wall Hanging: any size, intended for wall display
___5. Miniature: must be small quilts, the blocks are small versions of large quilt blocks
___6. Miscellaneous: table runners, clothing, bags and they must be quilted.
___7. Art quilts
___8. Guild Challenge: "Please Use Your Napkin" Use a paper/cloth napkin of any size, color or print as inspiration for your challenge quilt. Submit the napkin with the quilt. Quilts shall be less than 36" on every side.
The exhibit committee reserves the right to re-categorize any entry and to combine or split categories as necessary.
Check and fill in all appropriate descriptions of this quilt:
_____machine pieced _____paper pieced _____hand appliqué
_____hand pieced _____machine appliqué Other _________________________
Hand quilted by _________________________
Machine quilted by _____________________________
Your entry information should include a paragraph about the quilt. This will be printed on a display card, so target about 70 words. Write about what inspired it, for whom it was made, what you like best about it, or what challenged you. DO NOT include the details listed above. MLQG reserves the right to edit for clarity and brevity. Email this quilt blurb to Peggi Yacovissi if at all possible.
By entering the above described work, I agree to abide by the rules and decisions of the MLQG Exhibit Committee. Items displayed in the Gmeiner will be insured by the gallery. I understand that MLQG will take reasonable precautions to protect my work, but cannot be responsible for acts of nature beyond its control. I hereby grant the Guild permission to photograph this work.
Signature of entrant: __________________________________
Date: _________________

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