Friday, September 23, 2016

Tea Bags for South Africa!

    Please join us in saving your DRIED, USED, tea bags to be donated to Original T Bag Designs located in Hout Bay, South Africa.  This small business empowers local women and men to support their families by creating and selling art made from used tea bags.  Please check out their website at or their face book page.  Last year Jennifer McCarthy, Bruce and I took a tour of Original T Bag Designs where we were given a cup of tea while we watched a short video presentation.  We then went to the back room where the employees proudly displayed their skills.  It was an emotional and inspirational tour which compelled us to support their efforts.   You can help by simply saving and drying your used tea bags.  We will do the rest--  (Pick them up, take the tea leaves out…) Bruce and I will be heading to South Africa in February and will take the tea bags with us. 
Thank you for your help!  Contact us with any questions. 
Debbie Smith

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