Wednesday, February 14, 2018

New MLQG Outreach Project

Stone Soup Quilts

"It's what you bring to the pot!"

Remember the old folk story, Stone Soup? It's the story of hungry strangers who come to town with only a pot. Using the pot and a stone, they convince the townspeople to each add a small amount of their food to the pot in order to make stone soup, a meal that everyone enjoys. It was while cutting fabric squares for a cobblestone quilt and trying to think of a new and fun outreach project for the guild that the idea of Stone Soup Quilts was born!

Each Stone Soup Quilt kit will contain a simple throw-size pattern and a few fabric "stones". Sign out a kit at the monthly guild meeting and add your share to it throughout the month. Add matching fabrics from your stash, cut pieces, stitch blocks, put the top together, or finish the entire quilt. Do as much as you have time for, but the kit must be returned at the next guild meeting so you can show your progress during Show & Tell. After that, you can either keep the kit for another month to continue working on it or pass it to another guild member; she will then add her share to the quilt. The process will continue until the quilt is completed.

Guild members can also put together Stone Soup Quilt kits! Start with an easy throw-size (40ish x 50ish) quilt pattern, add some fabric "stones" from your stash (UFOs or orphan blocks would make good "stones" as well). Bring the kit to the next guild meeting for another guild member to work on.

Finished quilts will be distributed wherever there is a need throughout our community, such as CONCERN, nursing homes, Lap Robes for Veterans, etc.

Questions? Contact Susan McConnell, MLQG Outreach Chairperson (check your guild roster for her contact info)

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