Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Betty M., Sylvia L., and Susan Mc. are working together on the Nominating Committee and are currently seeking volunteers to serve as officers and committee chairpersons for the guild’s 2018 term.
Positions that are open are as follows:
a. Shall be responsible for all fiscal matters of the guild and shall present a monthly report.
b. Shall prepare a yearly budget draft to be finalized by the board and confirmed by a majority vote of the members present at the January meeting.
c. Shall be authorized, along with the president, to sign checks.
d. Shall review the books, along with another member, before taking office.
Shall be responsible for editing, publishing, and distributing the monthly newsletter in time to be received prior to the regular meeting.
Shall oversee service projects approved by the board.
a. Shall keep a current roll of the membership with names, addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses and keep the newsletter editor informed of changes.
b. Shall collect dues and distribute membership cards.
c. Shall record member attendance at meetings.
d. Shall publish a yearly roster.
Shall schedule, publicize, and oversee a program and workshop with a quilter of national significance.
Shall maintain an archive of digital photographs and scanned articles of importance to the guild.
These are all one-year terms. New officers and chairpersons start their positions in January 2018.
Please contact Betty, Sylvia, or Susan before September 25th if you are interested in an office or chair or if you have a recommendation of someone we should contact about an open office or chair.

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