Tuesday, September 19, 2017

My Environment!  2018 Exhibit Challenge

When you think of what you are surrounded by, in your life, what comes to mind? Is it a chair you like to sit in, a room you frequent, a forest you walk? Is it people who are a part of you? A favorite pet or wild animal? Or is it more abstract - something within - that gives you joy and strength? What about your flower garden or your sewing room?
It can be large, but not too large(see size requirements) or it can be small. It can be practical or ethereal. You can search your time and space to arrive at your inspiration.
If you wish to discuss your ideas - I am happy to chat!
Kate Means
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Mountain Laurel Guild - 2018 Exhibit
The Circumference of a Quilt
Guild Challenge - 84" MAXIMUM circumference
This is as big as your quilt can be.
Some examples...
Square - 21" each side
84 inches
Rectangle on side
18" w x 24" tall
84 inches
Rectangle - tall
24" w x 18" tall
84 inches
14" w x 28" tall
80 inches
21" across

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