Tuesday, January 22, 2013


CONCERN is a nonprofit child welfare agency located throughout the state of Pennsylvania.  CONCERN offers foster care, residential services and counseling to children in our immediate area.  Our local Concern office is located in Wellsboro and serves Tioga County.  Every month between 1 and 5 children enter into foster care in our county alone; some come into the program with only the clothes that they are wearing and nothing else.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could give them a quilt of their own at a time when they feel like they have nothing at all that belongs to them?

Quilts are needed for children from infants to teens, but keep in mind that most of the boys and girls who enter into foster care are school age. 

SIZE: Crib or throw. You may decide the exact size, but the maximum dimensions should not exceed twin size.

PATTERN: You may use any pattern of your choice. 
FABRICS: 100% cotton (regular or flannel).  Keep in mind that children love brightly colored, kid friendly fabrics and appreciate color-coordinated quilts.
BATTING: 1/8” - 1/4” LOW LOFT batting - can be polyester, cotton or a blend.
ASSEMBLING THE QUILT: All quilts should be machine pieced and quilted (either by machine, hand quilted or tied).
BINDING: Hand or machine binding is acceptable.
DO NOT add embellishments -- buttons, sequins, rhinestones, long strings or loops. These could be a choking hazard.
Contact Susan Mc., Outreach Chairperson, with questions or for more information.
Visit http://www.concern4kids.org/ to learn more about CONCERN.

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