Thursday, July 24, 2014

Colors of Cancer Q & A

Does my quilt have to be all one color?

Your quilt may be all one color if you wish, but it does not have to be monochromatic.  Just be sure to represent the cancer color of your choice in the quilt, binding, or backing.

Does my quilt have to be exactly 9" x 12"?

Your quilts do not have to be exact in size.  Quilts can be slightly larger or smaller in either direction, but because we are asking the same price for each quilt we would like for them all to be about the same size, so please try to make them as close to 9" x 12" as possible.

Can I make more than one quilt?

Absolutely!  The more quilts we have for sale, the more money we can raise for the American Cancer Society!

What do I write for my Artist's Statement?

That's the easy part!  Most importantly tell about why you were motivated to make a Colors for Cancer quilt.  What does your design represent?  What techniques did you use to make your quilt?

I won't be at the August guild meeting.  Can I drop my Colors of Cancer quilt and entry form off with my other entries on the 30th?  

No, all Colors of Cancer quilts and entry forms need to be given to Susan Mc. on or before August 18th to ensure enough time to prepare the quilts for hanging and process labels.

What if my quilt doesn't sell during the month of the exhibit?

We are confident that these beautiful works of art are going to fly off the walls! However, if we should end up with a number of unsold quilts they will be offered for sale to guild members by silent auction during the October meeting.  Of course, any money raised through a silent auction will go to the American Cancer Society.

Any other questions about the Colors of Cancer quilts?

Contact Susan Mc. (contact information is in the roster).

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