Friday, November 18, 2016

MLQG members,
Charity sewing will not be held on the 4th Monday's of the month any longer.  We usually do not meet in November or December because it is too close to the holidays  and this year will be the same as the past, no meeting.   Because attendance has been so low this past year we decided not to meet next year but that doesn't mean that we will not sew quilts, placemats or walker caddies.  There is fabric available for your projects that will be distributed on meeting nights.  If you like to sew at home or if you like to sew with different groups and would work on charity projects the organizations that receive these things are grateful.  Anything made for charity can be turned in at monthly meetings.  If you saw the responses of the recipients when they see the quilts and caddies coming in you would know how your efforts lift the spirits of so many.  Thanks and continue sewing!
Contact and chairperson:
Susan Gilbert

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