Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild 20th Anniversary
Quilt Exhibit - August & September, 2018

Entry Categories

1.  Large Quilt*                More than 270" around; intended for a 
                                             bed; machine quilted
2.  Large Quilt*               More than 270" around; intended for a 
                                            bed; hand quilted
3.  Small Quilt                 Less than 270" around; including throws, 
                                             lap and baby quilts
4.  Wall Hanging           No more than 160" around; intended for 
                                           wall display 
5.  Miniature & Misc    Small quilts(the blocks are small versions
                                           of large quilt blocks); quilted table runner;
                                           clothing; bags 
6.  Challenge                "My Environment"; a piece less than 84" 
The Challenge, "My Environment", can be anything that you think of as "yours".  It can be large or it can be small.  It can be practical or ethereal.  You can search your time and space to arrive at your inspiration.

Guild members cannot enter more than 4 entries in the exhibit, including the Challenge category.  So, if you enter the Challenge, you may also enter 3 other entries.  Dowels will be requested for Challenge, Wall Hangings, and Miniatures that need to be hung.

*Members will be allowed one entry in the 2 large quilt categories.  So, if you enter a hand quilted large quilt, that will be your entry and vice versa.  

Entries must be completed after October, 2016.  An entrant must have paid the annual dues for the guild by March, 2018.                                  

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