Saturday, October 20, 2018

Viewers' Choice Winners -- MLQG 2018 Exhibit

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2018 MLQG Viewers' Choice Awards!

Large Quilts -- Machine Quilted

1st Place -- Pat L.

2nd Place -- Kathy P.

3rd Place -- Kate M.

Honorable Mention -- Jean C.

Large Quilts -- Hand Quilted

1st Place -- Donna M.
2nd Place -- Leona R.

3rd Place -- Kim C.

Honorable Mention -- Louise H.

Small Quilts

1st Place -- Leona R.
2nd Place -- Donna R.
3rd Place -- Sylvia S.

Honorable Mention -- Sylvia S.

Wall Hangings

1st Place -- Sylvia S.

2nd Place -- Deb D.

3rd Place -- Nancy C.
Honorable Mention -- Brenda A.


1st Place -- Leona R.
2nd Place -- Deb D.
3rd Place -- Tess McC.
Honorable Mention -- Janice P.

1st Place -- Kathy P.
2nd Place -- Brenda A.
3rd Place -- Betty M.
Honorable Mention -- Kate M.

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