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Please consider serving the Guild in one of these positions.


Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild 

Role and Responsibilities of the President


The role of the President is to provide leadership and continuity to the Mountain Laurel Quilt Guild by observing the by-laws and guiding principles that it provides. The president will also support the purpose of the guild, which is to further the art of quilting through education, to provide a means of sharing ideas, materials, skills, and fellowship, and to encourage self-expression through the art of quilting.


1.   Preside at monthly meetings of the guild, whenever possible. If the President or Vice President is unable to attend another member may be substituted

2.     Call and preside over at least three board meetings each year in order to gather input from members and the board, plan guild activities, and manage guild policy.

3.     Call special Board meetings as deemed necessary

4.     May attend all committee meetings

5.     Shall be authorized, along with the treasurer, to sign checks

6.     Write a brief message to members to be published in the monthly newsletter

7.     Be custodian of the Gmeiner key and security code

8.     Establish a nominating committee according to the schedule in the by-laws and hold election of officers

9.     Assist the treasurer in building a budget for the next year.


Role and Responsibilities for Vice President


The role of the Vice President is to assist and work with the President to ensure there is leadership at every meeting and to plan and support monthly programs for monthly Guild meetings.


1.     Collaborate with and support the President in leading the life of the Guild

2.     Preside at any meeting that the President is unable to attend

3.     Attend meetings of the Guild’s Board of Directors

4.     Create and manage the annual budget for the programs. The VP is responsible for all activities and monies used for programs

5.     Chair the Program Committee

6.     The Program Committee shall perform the following duties:

a.     Contact membership on an annual or semi-annual basis to discover programs that the membership may be interested in.

b.     Contact potential speakers/presenters considered for program presentation

c.      Schedule programs for the two years. This schedule calendar will begin for the year after the VP takes over the role. This will mean that the programs for the first year of the role will be completed by the Program Committee of the prior VP tenure and will continue for one year after the VP is out of office. In the case of a one year tenure the Program Committee will schedule to next year.

d.     Keep accurate records of any monies spent and request reimbursement for any personal expenses on a timely basis

e.     Ensure equipment and any materials that are needed for a program are at the Gmeiner on the night of the program

f.       Ensure any accommodations for out of town guests/lecturers are scheduled and provided for

g.     Coordinate activities for the picnic and the Christmas party with the Hospitality Committee.

7.  The Vice President will send regular program updates and information to the newsletter editor


Role and Responsibilities for Secretary


The Secretary acts as recorder of meeting minutes and manages correspondence for the guild.


1.     Record the minutes of monthly business meetings and board meetings

2.     Prepare a clean copy of minutes for the monthly newsletter, sending it to the newsletter editor by email after checking spelling, especially of names.

3.     If unable to attend a monthly meeting, the secretary shall notify the president of her absence and secure a substitute who will take notes and prepare the copy for the newsletter.

4.     Attend Board meetings

5.     Other tasks as requested by the president and/or Board


 Role and Responsibilities for Treasurer


The treasurer is responsible for managing and tracking guild funds, paying bills, and overseeing the budget using a computer based fiscal software or spreadsheet


 1.     Deposit any funds received from guild activities such as meeting door prize, membership dues, payments for classes and retreats

2.     Record receipts and payments made by budget category in an electronic spreadsheet.

3.     Provide payment vouchers for any request for payment.  Write and mail checks to pay guild bills in a timely manner

4.     Maintain the checking account either in the checkbook or on a spreadsheet. Is authorized, along with the president, to sign checks

5.     Prepare a finance report for the president and board showing expenditures year to date by budget category compared to the budget.  Recommend any budget adjustments needed.

6.     Assist in preparation of the next year’s budget.  Provide a printable format to the newsletter editor for distribution to the membership in the newsletter.

7.     Make books available for review periodically during her term if requested, and at the end of her term

8.     Attend Guild Board meetings


Role and Responsibilities for Retreat Chairperson


The role of a Retreat Chairperson is to secure the venue for the retreat, manage registration for the retreat, plan some special activities, and act as general hostess for the retreat. Retreats are managed for the benefit of the membership of the Guild.


1.        Prepare and pass out the Retreat Sign-up sheet during approximately 3 months before the scheduled retreat. The notice shall also be put in the newsletter with information about time, place, and cost.

2.        If there is a contract, the chair manages it, using it to determine the cost to participants

3.      Members are given first preference for space at the retreats. If any seats remain they may be offered to non-members. Non-members are charged $10.00 extra.

4.     Schedule and manage participant activities during the retreat.

5.     Discretion is given for any expenditure up to the maximum budget amount. All receipts for reimbursement or payment will be submitted in a timely manner

6.     Attend Guild Board meetings


Outreach Chairperson


The Outreach Chairperson leads Guild activities of a charitable nature.  She is the liaison between the Guild and any recipient organization and encourages members to participate in the outreach efforts.




1.     Planning outreach projects and communicating these to members at meetings and in the newsletter

2.     Contacting charities or organizations to determine their need to receive our donations

3.     Storing fabric and supplies

4.     Scheduling work bees to prepare kits or a mini-retreat for an outreach project

5.     Collecting finished quilts/items

6.     Delivering finished quilts/items to charities or organizations

7.     Documenting quilts finished and distributed

8.     Attend Guild Board meetings




Newsletter Editor


The newsletter editor’s role is to compose and publish a monthly newsletter using copy submitted by officers and chairpersons as the primary means of Guild communication.


1.  Must have computer skills in word processing and email in order to create the newsletter and send it to members electronically

2.  Receives copy from officers and chairs electronically.  Edits as needed to fit material into the newsletter.  Embellishes with clip art and color.  Checks spelling.

3.  Gets up to date roster from the membership chair.  Creates and maintains a current electronic contact list for distribution of newsletter by email.Prints and mails paper copies to members without email

4.  Sends other email messages to the general membership such as the proposed budget, revisions of by-laws, or policies as needed

5.  Maintains an archive of newsletters electronically.

6.  Attend Guild Board meetings


Membership Chairperson


Role:  The Membership Chair performs all duties required for enrolling new and continuing members to the Guild and maintaining electronic membership records


1.     Keep an accurate listing of all members by means of an electronic spreadsheet roster, updated as new members are added.

2.     Provide roster to officers and to newsletter editor, who can send it to members quarterly.

3.     Collect money for dues and any sales and give all monies to the treasurer.

4.     Take attendance at meetings and report the status of membership in the newsletter or at the monthly guild meetings.

5.     Print new membership cards for distribution at meetings or by mail

6.     Supply new members with a membership card, new member information sheet, by-laws, and a name badge.

7.     Keep a sufficient supply of name badges for new members or for members who wish to purchase a replacement. 

8.     Attend Guild board meetings.


Hospitality Chairperson


Purpose:  The Hospitality Chair takes the lead for any Guild occasions which require food and celebration.


1.     Christmas Party and Dinner- With Vice President, secure meeting place, arrange the room with tables and chairs.  Plan decoration for tables.  Provide beverages, cups and napkins, several large garbage bags. 

2.     Summer Picnic- Reserve picnic pavilion. Provide ice and beverages, napkins, clean up supplies, etc.

3.     Exhibit Opening Night Reception- Enlist members to provide and serve food and beverages, arrange table decorations, replenish supplies, and clean up.

4.     Attend Guild Board meetings




The historian records the life of the Guild through photographs and words


1.     Take, or cause to be taken, photographs of Guild events

2.     Maintain an archive of digital photographs and scanned articles of importance to the Guild

3.     Attend Guild Board meetings


National Teacher Chairperson


The National Teacher Chairperson has overall responsibility for workshops presented under the Guild’s auspices which feature a nationally recognized teacher, and which occur outside of regular Guild meetings.  It has been our practice to invite a nationally recognized teacher once a year who will present a lecture at our Guild meeting and a workshop the following day. 


1.     May form a committee to assist in the work of identifying a suitable candidate to invite, based on interest among members and dates of availability

2.     Issues the invitation to a teacher, manages the contract, and maintains contact during the interim

3.     Arranges for lodging and meals for guest

4.     Locates and reserves a venue for the class

5.     Sends workshop information to Guild newsletter editor

6.     Creates an information flyer for guild members (hand out or in newsletter)

7.     Takes reservations and class fees (See reservations policy)

8.     Acts as hostess to the guest teacher- transportation, meals, etc.

9.     Is reimbursed promptly for any costs incurred as hostess and chair

10. Attend Guild Board meetings


Workshops Chairperson


The Local Workshop Chairperson plans and manages all aspects of "local" workshops for guild members. These can include mini-retreats and classes on various quilting techniques/patterns. Teachers are guild members or someone who lives relatively close to Wellsboro and who requires no accommodations, travel expenses, contracts, etc.


 1.     Arranges scheduling/renting of workshop location

2.     Determines cost based on space, supplies, and food

3.     Takes reservations for participants and their payment

4.     Buys door prizes, food, as needed

5.     Although guild members who teach are not paid, the Guild provides their lunch.

6.     Coordinator picks topics for workshops based on input from guild members.

7.     Attend Guild Board meetings




Publicity Chairperson


Act as liaison with area media to publicize Guild activities


1.     Maintain contact information for local newspapers (Wellsboro Gazette, Corning Leader, Elmira Star Gazette, Williamsport Sun Gazette)

2.     Write an article about each monthly meeting and submit to newspapers for the week prior to the meeting date

3.     Publicity for the Biennial Quilt Exhibit is managed through the exhibit committee

4.     Attend Guild Board meetings




Overall Role:

To enhance communication among Guild members through the Guild’s blog, Facebook, and other electronic/internet means

Blog Guru Role: 

The blog guru’s role is to ensure that important information about guild activities is made publicly available on the guild’s blog in a timely manner.

 Blog Responsibilities

1.     Publish blog posts about guild meetings/workshops/retreats/etc.

2.     Be familiar with using blogspot.com.

3.     Attend Guild Board meetings


Facebook Role:

The role of the Facebook administrator is to work with the blog administrator and the newsletter editor to provide current and up to date information about guild happenings to the membership. 


1.       Fulfill the job of administrator as Facebook defines it. 

2.       Assure that all postings meet the standards of the Guild. 

3.       Post photos from events and guild functions.

4.       Share or post information to the benefit of the guild such as information from other guilds, sales from local quilt shops, etc. 

5.       Promote guild events such as the exhibit, workshops, or travel opportunities. 

6.       Post cancellations due to weather or unforeseen circumstances in a timely fashion

7.       Attend Guild Board meetings

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